Multiplier Event 6

Ljubljana – June 2019 – RTV SLO

This, the final workshop in the project, will be a chance to look back on ADLAB PRO, reflecting on the most and least successful elements by disseminating the project’s evaluation (i.e. the outcomes of IO5) and discussing accreditation (i.e. the outcomes of IO6). In particular, it will be an opportunity to show-case the evaluation of courses and course materials as well as their accreditation in a lively way augmenting reports and papers that will be published during the three years of the project, allowing those attending to interrogate the Partners with the intention of promoting honest and open debate. A further aim is to highlight the benefit of the project’s outcomes to potential trainers and to demonstrate blind users’ responses to material (videos) prepared by describers trained under the auspices of ADLAB PRO. It is hoped that some of the quantitative and qualitative methods used to evaluate materials in ADLAB PRO will be adopted by future studies, creating robust measures that will allow AD to be compared across different settings with the intention of bench-marking quality. The workshop is also designed to generate interest in the role of the professional audio describer and alert the translation industry to the benefits of working with highly skilled, well-qualified individuals. It will take place at the end of the project in Slovenia, which, as a country that currently has little AD provision, will be a crucial test bed for the outputs of ADLAB PRO providing ecological validity through real-world testing of the training tools developed in this crucial project, that will take access beyond a mere altruistic gesture into the professional sphere. The workshop will be attached to a conference organised by ADLAB PRO’s Slovene partners and part of a dissemination day publicising the courses, qualifications and resources developed during the project.