Multiplier Event 5

Barcelona – March, 2019 – SF

The workshop will focus on a crucial stage in the audio description value chain. Recording, mixing and delivering audio description. This second step in the production process of audio description needs to have a careful input from both human voice and sound technology. Sound is a dynamic value, and much of the audiovisual impact depends on sound. Understanding and dealing with sound (both AD and the original soundtrack) in a professional way will secure the quality of audio description and a satisfactory reception.

The aim of this workshop will be to give insight in the final step of the production phase creating audio description. It will help audio describers understand the connection between scriptwriting and voice recording and how they can influence this process for better end results. It highlights the differences and similarities of different types of media (film, broadcast, online, live) and dives into the experiences of the end user.

The workshop will be presented during a hands-on session organized in Barcelona in 2019, and collocated with the 8th ARSAD conference, the Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description. It will be held by Mereijn van der Heijden from Soundfocus, an audio post-production studio responsible for all major AD projects in The Netherlands.