Multiplier Event 4

Barcelona – March, 2019 – UAB

ADLAB-PRO puts a strong emphasis on open access to the materials developed within the project in order to guarantee a bigger impact on society and policy-makers, and the project’s future sustainability. This is why the materials are not seen as closed and rigidly structured modules but rather as open and flexible modular items. To disseminate the project as a whole, and more specifically the output of IO4, the modular contents developed as training materials will be presented on a hands-on workshop organised in Barcelona in 2019, and collocated with the 8th ARSAD conference, the Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description. This will guarantee a higher impact across Europe as ARSAD has established itself as a reference conference for audio description.

The aim of this workshop will be to involve other trainers who have not participated in the project but may want to use the training materials developed as part of their courses, in various environments and learning situations. Different possible learning paths and suggestions for integrating the modular materials will be presented, but most importantly an open discussion will be at the core of the workshop, to see how the diverging needs can be catered for and how materials can be improved in the future. Indeed, the workshop will be the perfect testing ground for a selection of the materials, and feed-back from prospective users or trainers will be gathered. The workshop can also be the perfect environment to generate additional materials to be re-used as course contents (for instance, videos).