Multiplier Event 3

Antwerp – March, 2018 – UA

ADLAB-PRO’s third workshop presents IO3 and looks forward to the development of IO4, which must elaborate on the modular framework established by IO3. The workshop will be organized at UAntwerp, City Campus in March 2018. The workshop will present the results of the work done in IO3, on the basis of the input from IO 1 and 2. More specifically, it will detail:
– the rationale behind the modular course structure it has developed;
– the internal structure of the different modules;
– how they can be combined or taught stand alone as well as in different clusters; and
– how this modular concept allows the tailor-made teaching of specific AD competences and skills, in different combinations, tailored to different trainers’ and learners’ needs.
The presentation will also include some suggestions for the IO4, i.e. it will give examples of the type of training materials that could be incorporated into the modules and how. The workshop will consist of:
(1) a presentation of IO3 by the partner responsible for the IO, followed by
(2) small working groups in which the participants will be asked to “fill” one template of a course module for a given skill (i.e. test the format proposed with suggestions for concrete input) and
(3) a round table at which the results of the group exercise are presented and amendments to the course and module structure suggested. This input will allow the partner responsible for IO3 to fine-tune its model in order to better accommodate the input to be developed by IO4.

Participating organizations: all partners and interested stakeholders from academia and industry/broadcasting