Multiplier Event 2

Poznań – 27th  September, 2017 – UAM

The strong focus of this workshop will be to disseminate deliverables of the first two intellectual outputs. The workshop will directly precede INTERMEDIA 2017, the biggest Poland-based conference on audiovisual translation, whose theme will be accessibility. The workshop will present the results of assessment of the current AD training practices (IO1) and the profile of an audio description expert (IO2). We aim to involve other stakeholders (trainers from other HEIs who offer audiovisual training but no AD training to date; AD users and providers) in a discussion about efficient training techniques, training needs and skills desired from an AD professional. During a round table on training AD experts these stakeholders will have a great opportunity to share their views and in a way contribute to IO1 and IO2 results. Presentations of teaching modules (deemed most successful according to the analysis carried out as part of IO1) will serve as a showcase of training techniques. A hands-on session with selected learning activities will offer an opportunity to test various solutions and to report on them later during an informal evaluation session. The workshop will finish with a short concluding session during which the results of the workshop and further activities within ADLAB-PRO will be presented.