Multiplier Event 1

Audio Description – Celebrating progress and looking forward

London – 31st March, 2017 – RNIB

First workshop of the ADLAB PRO Project, led by RNIB, and its focus was on two key priorities: first, promote the project among key stakeholders i.e., Partners, AD users, AD Producers, and second, get the key tasks underway and set the pace. The workshop revolved around the central theme, which is the development of audio description for blind and partially sighted people. The discussions at the workshop was directly linked to IO1 and IO2, which put together form the foundation of the project.

In particular, the aim of this workshop was to examine the different formats for television shows, their suitability for the inclusion of audio description and how viewers who require description deal with the standard exportable templates of factual, reality TV or live entertainment that can generate multiple episodes in mass markets. Popular examples of such shows included Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, The Real Housewives, etc. Even though these formats dominate the rating charts across countries, most of the shows in this category are not audio described for broadcast on television. The discussions during the workshop has included project partners, AD producers from the UK and end users.

The emphasis was on gathering feedback from the end users, discussing the issues around describing these tightly packed shows with AD Producers and also partners to understand how these formats can be tackled in future and the practical application of the suggestions that come from the group of users. Findings from this workshop will be used to create materials for training – thus linking this workshop directly to IO3 and IO4, too.

Here the materials of the first Multiplier Event: