Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Assessment of Current AD Training Practices

  • IO1 Slides @ Transnational Project Meeting 2016 (Trieste/UNITS): Overview of IO1 plan of action and activities presented by UAM at the kick-off meeting.
  • IO1 Slides @ Multiplier Event 1 2017 (London/RNIB): Presentation of IO1 quantitative and qualitative stages and results.
  • IO1 Slides @ ARSAD 2017: Presentation of IO1 results at the sixth edition of the Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description in Barcelona/UAB.
  • IO1 Questionnaire: For the quantitative part of the IO, a detailed questionnaire was prepared probing into the basic information about training programmes, their content and evaluation. The questionnaire also elicited information about competences trained throughout a particular course/programme.
  • IO1 Interview structure: The qualitative part included a detailed analysis of course materials provided by project partners followed by in-depth interviews with selected teachers based on a pre-prepared interview structure.
  • IO1 Report: Detailed description of IO1 activities and results, including data analysis discussion, major findings and list of references.

IO2: Audio Description Professional: Profile Definition

  • IO2 Slides @ Multiplier Event 1 2017 (London/RNIB): Overview of IO2 plan of action and activities presented by UNITS
  • IO2 Questionnaire: A questionnaire was developed to gather information on the skills and competences needed to train professional audio describers. It was designed for three categories of respondents: audio describers, AD users and AD providers. The questionnaire was translated in all the project languages.
  • IO2 Report

IO3: Course Design

IO4: Development of Course Content

IO5: Evaluation and Testing

IO6: Course Evaluation, Recognition and Accreditation