Utopian Voices

Louise Fryer 

Dr. Louise Fryer has been an audio describer since 1993, when she became the BBC’s audio describer for the AUDETEL project, piloting the AD of TV. She trained as a describer at the National Theatre and is still part of their AD team. She worked with Talking Notes writing and delivering audio introductions for opera. She has been describing live events for VocalEyes since it was founded, working across theatre, opera and dance. She also works with galleries to make their collections more accessible and has written and recorded many audioguides. She was the accessibility consultant and audio describer for the acclaimed screen version of John Hull’s “Notes on Blindness” Louise has trained stage and screen describers in the UK and Australia, and is a Teaching Fellow in Audiovisual Translation at University College London. Her PhD thesis explored the impact of visual impairment on media engagement.  Her book “An Introduction to Audio Description: A Practical Guide” was published by Routledge in 2016. Louise is also a regular broadcaster for BBC Radio 3.


Heather Temple 

Heather Temple graduated in Film and English from the University of Kent, and after teaching English in Italy, worked as a producer at the BBC World Service before moving into BBC Television. She is a freelance promo producer working for Discovery, Disney and the BBC. She began audio describing seven years ago, working mainly for SDI Media. She recently moved from central London to Brighton, where the air is a lot fresher.