RTV Slovenija

Veronika Rot

Veronika Rot, BA in Spanish, translator, journalist, editor, assistant head of the project of accessibility at RTV Slovenija. She has a university degree in Spanish Language and Literature and in Philosophy and a specialization in Hispanic Literature at UAB. She is a recognized literary translator from Spanish and Catalan language and she works at RTV Slovenia in the department for accessibility. She is the editor and journalist of the special web portal www.dostopno.si, which covers the subject related with the life of disabled people and their needs and rights. She is also involved in the selection of films and other work produced by TV Slovenia or other Slovene producers for audio description and she supervises the process of audio description and the work of the audio describers.


Maja Šumej

Maja Šumej, BA in English language and literature, teacher of English, radio announcer and TV presenter, speech coach and sound describer. During her studies, she passed the audition for an announcer-presenter at Radio Slovenia where she has been working for twenty years. Her work includes documentary and advertisement voice-over on Television Slovenia where she is occasionally hosting programs. She is a mentor and a teacher of Standard Slovenian at the RTV Slovenia Speech Culture and Training Center which sets the highest standards for Slovene spoken language, as well as a member of a permanent expert group for evaluation auditions. She has been a guest lecturer at various seminars and at the Radio practicum course at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She joined the Audio Description Project team from the beginning in 2013.


Mateja Vodeb

Mateja Vodeb, head of the project of accessibility at RTV Slovenija. Mateja Vodeb has a master degree of National and European Studies in Ljubljana. She worked as TV producer for Educational program at RTV SLO for eleven years and is since 2013 the head of Accessibility at RTV Slovenia. She developed a systematic approach to rise level of accessibility of radio and TV programs for deaf and hard of hearing and blind and visually impaired introducing new technologies and adaptation of special program. She made a big progress in this field in our institution and she also coordinates the relations with organizations of disabled people and on the higher level with representative ministries of the Slovene government. She started and implemented the web portal www.dostopno.si and she coordinates the insertion of adapted radio and TV programs in our program scheme.