IO5: Evaluation and Testing

Testing and checking for quality and striving for excellence is one of the driving forces in this project. The project intends to plan a strategic development of course content, derived from IO1 and IO2, while checking the efficacy of the course content and design with potential users. The course content will be designed in a progressive form. This will allow for the testing of the content at each stage. Any feedback will be implemented immediately – avoiding a final correction of all material. This sequential development with ad hoc testing will secure content quality, adequacy and progress. The Partners recognize the importance of evaluation such that it must be built in from the very beginning of the project. This output will take the form of a series of short reports, ultimately combined into a handbook (print-based and online) assessing Outputs 1- 4, demonstrating their evolution and how they have been refined during the early stages of the project. The partner responsible for IO5 (Utopian Voices Ltd.) will carefully assess the outputs against their stated aims and timetables. External evaluations in the form of short satisfaction surveys will also be sought from user groups who have already demonstrated their commitment to the project. The result will be a digest of the research that has gone into IOs 1- 4 with a measure of reliability and satisfaction for each part. It is envisaged that the Evaluation Handbook will provide a useful resource in itself for ADLAB PRO Professionals as a summary of available training with an indication of suitability for different audiences. As IO1 is already an exercise in evaluation of existing course content, its instruments and measures will be shared, to guarantee consistency and to prevent duplication.