IO4: Development of Course Content

After defining the professional profile (IO2) and establishing a modular content design (IO3), course content will be developed as tangible outputs of IO4. Content will be organized in self-contained units that can adopt a myriad of formats, such as online videos, electronic documents, recorded webinars, tutorials, recorded showcases or text files, among other training materials. The content will be developed along with IO5 to guarantee their quality and along with IO6 to quantify the credits assigned to each educational component. The content developed within IO4 will be flexible and easily adaptable to various trainee profiles and training situations, proposing various learning paths if needed. A strong emphasis will be put on hands-on activities, participant interaction, and real-life experiences. The project will also take stock from Europe’s richness in languages, cultures and audiovisual transfer modes, which are well represented in the consortium, providing selected content in multiple languages. The content will be made available through the ADLAB-PRO website, promoting where possible an open access policy. IO4 is led by the Autonomous university of Barcelona (UAB), a university with long experience in audio description training, with a strong contribution from all partners involved in the project.