IO3: Course Design

IO3, led by the University of Antwerp, aims to design a course, based on the input from IO1 and IO2, i.e. the definition of the professional profile and of its competences and skills. The course design will provide a structure that accommodates modular content that can be used as input for courses taught in a variety of contexts, both at universities and in house by companies. The course design will be modular, making it possible to teach the modules all together or separately in different, tailor-made combinations. The design will allow for online teaching and flipped learning situations complementing face-to-face classrooms, and will deal with different AD modalities (including AD for TV, film, theatre and other live events, as well as AD for museums and a wide range of cultural events). It will cover topics such as the semiotic functioning of AD, assessing AD audiences, analysing AD contexts, AD scriptwriting, AD workflow management and contextualised production techniques. The outcome of this IO will consist of a graphic representation of the proposed course design, visually representing its modular structure and its flexibility. In addition, a full report will elucidate this overall structural design, the motivation behind the choices made, the functionality and learning outcomes of the different modules and the different ways in which they can be implemented. Also, a protocol will be developed that describes how the course and its materials can be made accessible to visually impaired people who want to become involved in the provision of AD services.